Participants for 2014

take your time to visit some and enjoy photography of all kinds!

ivor (Ivor)
lsvejda (John and Lois)
STorkington (Simone)
bfcoughlin (Bobbie)
Danudin (Ron)
sargenta1 (Andy)
pcphoto (Patty)
CrownofhisGlorie (Ericca),
Zeria (Pete),
cats4jan (Janice), Elements Village Gallery
NettieBee (Annette),
Julia (Julia),
efarnstrom (Esther),
Chesney (Tammy),
billz (Bill),
lsweeney (Lorri),
Sheil01 (Sheila and Ed),
alibony (Karen),
gerberbaby1 (KarenAnn),
boomer3297 (Mike),
Ellen (Ellen),
TheGirlBehind (Louise),
Gerridae (Geoff),
MadCap (Madeline),
Anya (Anya),
gemstar (Gemma),
rrosen1 (Robert),
Mrs. Mac (Kim),
jonesy (Tracey),
  1. #1 by Tammy on January 2, 2013 - 3:47 pm

    Just so you know…I am going to be updating the list again this afternoon….Judy and Sherrie are returning…I will make note of it on my blog. 🙂

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